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Amherst Historical Business Database

About the Amherst Historical Business Database

“I have attempted to research all Amherst businesses as far back as possible, using every possible source available. I have searched through city directories, phone books, ads appearing in newspapers and school year books and all the files at the Amherst Historical Society. I have entered all my information into a database by business name, type, address and dates, as accurately as possible. I realize there is much room for errors and omissions in a project like this, but I will make corrections as they are brought to my attention.”

– Fay Van Nuys Ott
November, 19 1994

During 2011, Amherst’s bicentennial year, the Amherst Public Library has tried to continue the job of updating and preserving the work began by Fay Van Nuys Ott and make her work accessible to everyone using the latest technology available. Fay completed the Amherst Historical Business Database in 1996.  We are continually going through and trying to update and maintain this database and welcome, like Fay would, any comments or corrections that are brought to our attention. Questions or comments can be sent to

To search the Business Database, chose the field you would like to search from the pull down menu, enter your search term the box, and press the search button. You can sort the list by any field in ascending or descending order.

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Business NameStreet AddressBusiness TypeYears of OperationProprietor
Zimmerman Dairy 400 Tenney Avenue Dairy 1930-1955 Zimmerman, Charles
Zilch Trucking 144 Forest Street Trucking and Moving 1924-1928 Zilch Werner
Zilch Mobilgas 475 Cleveland Avenue Auto Garage 1938-1939 Zilch, Robert
Zilch Furniture- Funeral Home 193 Park Avenue Furniture, Funeral Home 1911-1915 Zilch, Conrad
Zilch Funeral Home 255 Park Avenue Funeral Home 1915-1939 Zilch, Conrad
Zilch Funeral Home 340 Park Avenue Funeral Home 1939-1953 Zilch, Conrad
Zilch Florist 182 Park Avenue Florist 1947-1953 Zilch, Ralph
Zilch Florist 136 Park Avenue Florist 1953-1994 Zilch, Ralph, Jr.
Ziggys 193 Park Avenue Saloon 1983-1995 Sroka, Paul
Your Deli 199 Park Avenue Restaurant 1989-1996 Dixon, Debi
Your Deli 395 Park Avenue Restaurant 2010- Present Dixon, Debra
Yoonis Five and Dime Store 283 Church Street Variety 1900- ? Yoonis, Mike
Yesterdays ??? 151 Park Avenue Crafts 1993-1996
Ye Olde Amherst Bakery 215 Church Street Bakery 1978-1979
Wyvills Texaco 103 Cleveland Avenue Auto Garage 1965-1980 Wyvill, Walt
Wyvills Marathon 103 Cleveland Avenue Auto Garage 1980-2013 Wyvill, Walt/ Tom
Wright, Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Wright,
Worthington and Son Cut Stone Quarry 1874-1886 Worthington ,
Woodsmen of the World Lodge, Clubs 1914-1916 Members
Woodings Dry Cleaners 276 South Main Street Dry Cleaner, Tailor 1965-1976 Woodings, Donald
Woodings Appliance 278 Church Street Appliance 1947-1949 Woodings, Joseph and Dorothy
Woodings Appliance 276 South Main Street Appliance 1949-1963 Woodings, Joseph and Dorothy
Wolcott Hotel 103 Milan Avenue Hotel 1850-1857 Wolcott
Wolcott and Fischel Harness South Main Street Harness Maker 1874-? Wolcott; Fischel
Wneks Auto Service 252 Park Avenue Auto Garage 1947-1982 Wnek,
Wiseman, G. R. (Ted) 153 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1930-1943 Wiseman, G. R. (Ted)
Wiseman, G. R. (Ted) 157 Cleveland Avenue Doctor, Physician 1943-1962 Wiseman, G. R. (Ted)
Wiseman, G. R. (Ted) 480 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1961-1964 Wiseman, G. R. (Ted)
Wiseman, G. R. 109 Cleveland Street Doctor, Physician 1911-1929 Wiseman, G. R.
Wiseman, G. R. 153 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1930-1944 Wiseman, G. R.
Wire Shed 109 Tenney Avenue Hardware 1922-1939 Wesbecher, Joseph
Winter, Karen 1075 Cleveland Avenue Doctor, Physician 1992-1993 Winter, Karen
Winemiller Dresses 180 Park Avenue Clothing 1947-1950 Winemiller,
Wilson- Story Beaver Court General, Grocery 1857-? Wilson; Story
Wilson and Hughes Stone Company Cut Stone Quarry 1874-1886 Wilson; Hughes
Wilsey, Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Wilsey,
Willies-Kaiser Sales 249 Park Avenue Auto Garage 1940-1945
Williams Rest Home Park Avenue Nursing Home 1940-194? Williams
William Starbuck 1102 North Main Street Contractor, Builder 1964-1994 Starbuck, William
William Oskim 450 Long Street Wallpaper, Paint 1964-? Oskim, William
William Norton Beaver Court General, Grocery 1857-? Norton, William
William Morris Pop Corn 175 Park Avenue Pop Corn Stand 1931-1945 Morris, William
William Mischkas Beer Garden 125 Park Avenue Saloon 1910-1914 Mischka, William "Wally
William Jaeger, Milk Peddler Dairy 1916-? Jaeger, William
William Jaeger Passage and Forwarding 215 South Main Street Transportation Jaeger, William
William Jaeger Passage and Forwarding 215 South Main Street Express Office 1874-? Jaeger, William
William Hartman Blacksmith 1878-? Hartman, William
William Guild Grocery 199 Park Avenue Grocery 1910-1922 Guild, William
William Ehrman 109 Park Avenue Barber 1914-1916 Ehrman, Carl
William Ehrman 155 Park Avenue Barber 1916-1924 Ehrman, Carl
William Ehrman 256 Church Street Barber 1924-1945 Ehrman, William
William Brauns Brewery Milan Avenue (at Spring) Saloon 1874-? Braun, William
William Bellows Photography, Art Bellows, William
William Baker 174 Park Avenue Grocery 1895-1916 Baker, William
Wilfords Motor Company 350 Tenney Avenue Auto Garage 1933-1970 Wilford, Wally
Wilfords Livery 147 Tenney Avenue Livery 1880-1913 Wilford, Wally
Whites Laundry 245 Jackson Street Dry Cleaner, Tailor 1927-? White,
Whitehorn Outfitters 201 Park Avenue Specialty 1995-1996 Cocco, Dan and Gloria
Whispers of Old 133 Park Avenue Clothing 1991-1992
Wetzel Pharmacy 134 Park Avenue Drug Store 1926-1927 Wetzel, Wade
Wettrick, S. G. 199 Park Avenue Attorney 1950-1958 Wettrick, S. G.
Westminster Presbyterian Church 515 North Leavitt Road Church Congregation
Western Union 134 Park Avenue Telegraph 1939-1940
Western Reserve 195 Cleveland Avenue Insurance 1958-1962
Western Auto 300 Church Street Auto Parts 1950-1963 OKell, Riggs
Western Auto 263 South Main Street Auto Parts 1963-1966 Kell, Riggs
Wesbecher Hardware 263 South Main Street Hardware 1913-1947 Wesbecher, Joseph
Wesbecher and Becker 104 Park Avenue Hardware 1900-1912 Wesbecher; Becker
Wes Smith's Barbershop 155 Park Avenue Barber 1947-1960 Smith, Wesley
Werner Zilch Trucking 340 Park Avenue Trucking and Moving 1928-1939 Zilch, Werner
Wendys Craft Shop 109 Park Avenue Crafts 1988-1989
Weigand, Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Weigand,
Websters Pharmacy 134 Park Avenue Drug Store 1927-1938 Webster, L. E.
Websters Pharmacy 101 Park Avenue Drug Store 1938-1949 Webster, L. E.
Watson, Denver 153 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1954-1961 Watson, Denver
Watson, Denver 110 Church Street Doctor, Physician 1961-1996 Watson, Denver
Washington, Foster 139 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1916-1918 Washington, Foster
Warner Dodge-Plymouth 252 Park Avenue Auto Garage 1945-1947 Michael, John
Walter G. Nord Junior High Washington Avenue School 1970-1996 Town
Walter Freeman South Main Street Bookstore 1874-? Freeman, Walter
Wagner, Mark Middle Ridge Road Doctor, Physician 1980-1996 Wagner, Mark
Wagner, 296 Church Street Doctor, Physician 1958-? Wagner,
Wagner and Aebersold Ford 290 Park Avenue Auto Garage 1935-1968 Wagner, A.; Aebersold, A.
W. R. McCarthy 135 Park Avenue Jeweler 1922-1926 McCarthy W. R.
W. J. Bodmann Dry Goods 201 Church Street Dry Goods, Clothing 1900-1960 Bodmann, W. J.
W. J. Bodmann 201 Church Street Grocery 1891-1916 Bodmann, W. J.
W. H. Turner 20 Church Street Veterinary 1892-1912 Turner, W. H.
W. H. Barber Service 428 Cleveland Avenue Auto Garage 1935-1947 Barber, W. H.
W. E. Evans, Milk Peddler Dairy 1916-? Evans, W. E.
W. C. Weller Hats Millenery 1918-? Weller, W. C.
W. B. Weigant North Amherst Mill Mills 1871-1896 Weigant, W. B.
Village Coiffures 109 Park Avenue Beautician 1973-1974
Village Coiffures 109 Park Avenue Beautician 1973-1974
Vicki's Restaurant 134 Park Avenue Restaurant 1941-1967 Solack, Vicki and Frank
Vic's Tires 103 Cleveland Avenue Auto Garage 1926-1948 Schnaak, Victor
Veterans of Foreign Wars Lodge, Clubs 1945-1975 Members
Veterans of Foreign Wars 223 Church Street Lodge, Clubs 1975-1985 Members
Veterans of Foreign Wars 165 Cleveland Avenue Lodge, Clubs 1985-1996 Members
Versa Kleen 399 Cleveland Avenue Dry Cleaner, Tailor 1971-1975 Walker, Dave
Versa Kleen 399 Cleveland Avenue Dry Cleaner, Tailor 1975-1996 Bourisseau, Zane
Varsity Restaurant 249 Church Street Restaurant 1950-1955 Reichert, Stan and Peg
Variety Store 229 South Main Street Variety 1913-1915
Variety Store 215 South Main Street Variety 1913-1919
Uthe Brothers South Main Street General, Grocery 1874-1880 Uthe Brothers
Union (Central) - Enlarged 474 Church Street School 1874-1892 Town
Union (Central) 474 Church Street School 1856-1874 Town
U. S. Electric Pkg. Express Office 1914-1916 Miller, C. Agent
U. S. Automatic Warehouse 162 Park Avenue Factory, Foundry 1945-1946 Nord, Walter G.
U. S. Automatic Tin Shop 110 Church Street Factory, Foundry 1947-1948 Nord, Walter G.
U. S. Automatic 555 Jackson Street Factory, Foundry 1911-1935 Uthe; Schibley
Tuttle, Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Tuttle,
Turners Music 303 Church Street Music 1973-1975 Turner, Edd
Turner, W. H. 519 Church Street Doctor, Physician 1918-1919 Turner, W. H.
Turner House 173 Tenney Avenue Hotel 1880-? Turner, H, B.
Turkey Rock Quarry Cut Stone Quarry 1874-1886
Treasures in the Attic 263 South Main Street Antiques 1979-1996 Riddle, Judy
Track Gallery 132 Park Avenue Specialty 1994-1995
Townes Barber and Pool Room 594 Jackson Street Barber 1938-1941 Towne, Calvin
Townes Jackson Street Pool Room 1932-1938 Towne, Calvin
Town Hall 206 South Main Street City Government 1884-1996 City of Amherst
Touch of Class 252 Spring Street Beautician 1990-1996
Tony Madonach Pop Corn 220 Church Street Curb Pop Corn Stand 1900-1913 Madonach, Tony
Tompkins, Sadiel Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Tompkins, Sadiel
Tomorrows Heirlooms 109 Park Avenue Crafts 1985-1988 Van Nuys, Sally
Tommys Recreation 300 Church Street Pool Room 1964-1982 Abraham, Thomas
Tom Andrews Tire and Auto 103 Cleveland Avenue Auto Garage 1922-1926 Andrews, Tom
Tom Andrews Hardware 103 Cleveland Street Hardware 1922-1926 Andrews, Tom
Tolhurst Park Garage 125 Cleveland Avenue Auto Garage 1928-1936 Tolhurst, Arthur R.
Tisdale Dodge Auto Garage 1925-? Tisdale,
Tinner Smith Hardware 103 Cleveland Avenue Hardware 1878-1917 Smith, E. S.
Thru the Looking Glass 186 Park Avenue Antiques 1987-1989 Lutz, Stanley
Thomas Randall Dry Goods, Clothing 1874-? Randall, Thomas
Third Base Inn 232 Park Avenue Saloon 1975-1988
The Hat Shoppe Millenery 1915-?
The Gun Club Lodge, Clubs Members
The Furniture Outlet 109 Park Avenue Furniture 1993-1996 Margolis, Don
The Frances 239 Church Street Clothing 1953-1957 Wonderly, Frances
The American Express Office 1914-1916 Jensen, Agent
Tenney, Luman Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Tenney, Luman
Tender Touch 138 Park Avenue Clothing 1987-1995 Zilch, Ralph
Taratinos Tux 176 Park Avenue Clothing 1987-1989 Taratino,
Tabors Soda Grille 125 Park Avenue Restaurant 1929-1930 Tabor,
T-J Framing 221 Park Avenue Crafts 1992-1996
T J Framing 221 Park Avenue Photography, Art 1992-1996
Summers Pool Room 1914-? Summers,
Suico, Vivian 343 Tenney Avenue Doctor, Physician 1980-1996 Suico, Vivian
Style Mart 296 Church Street Clothing 1950-1956
Strong, Samuel Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Strong, Samuel
Streamers 300 Church Street Saloon 1993-1996 Murray, Jay
Strauss Construction Company 1025 Milan Avenue Coal and Building Supply 1980-1996 Strauss,