Public Fax

Amherst Public Library provides incoming and outgoing fax services to our patrons.

Incoming Faxes

  •  Patrons may receive faxes at Amherst Public Library for a minimal fee of $.10 per page.
  •  When possible, patrons are requested to call the library to provide contact information for all incoming faxes.
  •  The fax number for patrons to receive faxes is (440)988-4115.

Outgoing Faxes

Local or Toll Free

  • There is no charge for the transmission if the fax is being sent to a local number, an extended calling area (a call for which no area code is necessary), or a toll-free number (1-800, 1-866-, 1-877, or 1-888).

Long Distance

  •  Patrons will be charged $ .25 per page for long distance transmissions of faxes.