Scanning, Copies, and Laminating

Scanning and Copies

The library has copy machines on the 1st and 2nd floors. Black and white copies are $.10 per side. Color copies are $.25 per side. The copiers will also scan photos and documents. Scans may be saved to a flash drive or SD card or sent to an email address. Scanning is free. Flash drives are available to purchase for $5.00.


The library offers two thermal laminators for public use. The thermal laminators take approximately 10 minutes to warm up prior to use.

The 1st floor business center offers a 12 inch wide thermal laminator using 5 mil thick pouches ideal for protecting and preserving small documents, signs and business cards.  Projects using the 1st floor laminator costs $.55 per pouch.

The 2nd floor offers a 25 inch wide, 1.7 mil thick thermal roll laminator ideal for larger signs and banners or for mutiple smaller documents. Projects using the 2nd floor laminator cost $.30 per linear foot.