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Meeting Space Policy & Procedure

The Amherst Public Library provides meeting spaces that may be used by community organizations (groups or individuals) for educational, cultural, intellectual or civic activities. These spaces are available for the public to reserve when they are not otherwise in use for Library programs and activities.

The Library has three locations available for groups or individuals to reserve for these uses. Community Room A&B seats up to 125, Community Room A seats up to 75, Community Room B seats up to 50, the DeLloyd Room seats up to 25, and the Valerie Jenkins Gerstenberger Local History Room seats up to 10.

Meeting space reservations are subject to the following conditions.


  • Individuals or groups may not profit from, or use the Library’s facilities or meeting spaces to run a business. With the exception of Amherst Public Library or the Friends of Amherst Public Library, no fundraising activities, solicitation, or fees may be charged by individuals or groups using a meeting space. (A reasonable charge may be made to cover the cost of activity/craft materials.) Educational tutors may not reserve a meeting space, but they may use the DeLloyd Room or the Valerie Jenkins Gerstenberger Local History Room if the spaces are not in use or reserved. The Community Room is notavailable for this purpose.
  • Groups or individuals using meeting space must not disrupt or interfere with the normal function of the Library.
  • Upon arrival to the Library, groups or individuals with reservations for a meeting space should check in at the 1st floor Circulation desk.
  • Meeting spaces can be reserved up to three months in advance. Reservations can be made by calling the Public Relations department. All individuals or groups wishing to reserve a space must complete an application and contract form. This form is available in physical and digital versions. The Library will consider reservations in the order they are received. Allow up to seven business days for your request to be confirmed or denied.
  • Meeting space reservations are available during regular library hours for qualifying individuals or groups. Requests for use of a meeting space outside of the Library’s operational hours will be considered on a very limited basis and is subject to staff availability.
  • Groups or individuals are responsible for determining which meeting space will best suit their needs; however, the Library cannot guarantee that a requested space will be available and reserves the right to offer an alternate space.
  • While every effort is made to honor all reservations, the Library retains the right to cancel any scheduled meeting room reservation if the need arises.
  • An individual and/or group may reserve the use of a meeting room up to 18 times per calendar year.
  • Meeting space may be used by political groups for regular meetings of an organizational nature. Space may be used for public forums, debates, and candidates’ nights, but not for promotion of any one candidate.
  • Attendance must be recorded on a sheet on a clipboard in the meeting space. The individual or group responsible for the reservation may be contacted to provide this information if it is not provided on the day of the reservation.
  • In the event that a reservation needs to be cancelled, the Library requests at least a 24-hour notice for any cancellations.
  • Meeting spaces must be vacated 30 minutes prior to the Library closing.

Food and Beverage:

  • Alcoholic beverages and smoking are prohibited in the Library.
  • Light refreshments may be served; however, individuals and/or groups must bring their own supplies.
  • Meeting spaces must be left in neat and clean condition. Individuals and/or groups will be responsible for and billed for any damage as well as for any cleaning required.
  • The Community Room B refrigerator is available for individuals or groups to use during their reservation. Items should be removed at the conclusion of the reservation and any spills or crumbs must be cleaned. Any items left behind will be considered a donation to the Library and will be used or discarded.


  • An adult leader must be present at all times and responsible for the supervision of any minor or group of minors (under the age of 18) using meeting space.


  • Groups and/or individuals using meeting space are responsible for transporting, setting up, and operating their own equipment. Groups and/or individuals may not store or leave their equipment at the Library.
  • The use of meeting space by a non-library group shall not be publicized in such a way as to imply Library sponsorship of the group’s activity.
  • The name, address or telephone number of the library may not be used as the contact address or headquarters of an organization and/or group. A contact name and number must be given in any publicity for meetings or programs held at the Library.

Important Notes:

  • Failure to abide by these policies and procedures is justification for denying an individual or group further use of meeting space.
  • The Amherst Public Library is not liable for injuries to any persons, or damage to or loss of property belonging to individuals or groups using meeting space. Individuals or groups may be held liable for damage to the meeting spaces that exceeds normal wear and tear.
  • All individuals or groups must comply with access codes that regulate use of the Library.
  • The individual completing the meeting space application agrees to assume full responsibility for any damages to the facility or equipment which occur as a result of the individual or group’s use.
  • As with all Library policies, the Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend these regulations at any time.

Completed Meeting Space Application and Contract forms can be returned to the library or emailed to