Notary Public Service

The Amherst Public Library offers free limited Notary Public services for the benefit of
the community. Appointments are not required, but it is recommended that patrons call
the library at (440) 988-4230 in advance to verify that a notary is available. Online
notary services are not available.


  • Do not sign documents you need to have notarized.
  • Bring a valid form of photo identification for each person signing the document(s).
  • If your document requires more than one witness you must bring the additional
    witness with you. Witnesses must know you personally and must also have valid
    photo identification. Library staff and patrons cannot serve as witnesses.
  • Library notaries offer only basic services. For complex requests or requests
    outside the notaries’ experience/expertise you may be referred to another
  • Our notaries reserve the right to decline service in cases that raise any issue of

Documents we will not notarize:

  • Real Estate
  • Wills
  • Homeland Security I-9 Forms
  • Documents written in languages other than English
  • Auto titles without buyer address and name (State law requires this section is
    completed regardless of circumstance)
  • Ohio notaries cannot certify documents. We will not certify copies of birth,
    marriage, death, divorce or naturalization certificates.

Notaries adhere to the Ohio Revised Code: Section 147.

Adopted by the Amherst Public Library Board of Trustees 8/11/2015.
Revised by the Amherst Public Library Board of Trustees 10/14/2019.