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Amherst Historical Business Database

About the Amherst Historical Business Database

“I have attempted to research all Amherst businesses as far back as possible, using every possible source available. I have searched through city directories, phone books, ads appearing in newspapers and school year books and all the files at the Amherst Historical Society. I have entered all my information into a database by business name, type, address and dates, as accurately as possible. I realize there is much room for errors and omissions in a project like this, but I will make corrections as they are brought to my attention.”

– Fay Van Nuys Ott
November, 19 1994

During 2011, Amherst’s bicentennial year, the Amherst Public Library has tried to continue the job of updating and preserving the work began by Fay Van Nuys Ott and make her work accessible to everyone using the latest technology available. Fay completed the Amherst Historical Business Database in 1996.  We are continually going through and trying to update and maintain this database and welcome, like Fay would, any comments or corrections that are brought to our attention. Questions or comments can be sent to

To search the Business Database, chose the field you would like to search from the pull down menu, enter your search term the box, and press the search button. You can sort the list by any field in ascending or descending order.

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Business NameStreet AddressBusiness TypeYears of OperationProprietor
Stonington #503 F and AM 275 South Main Street Lodge, Clubs 1875-1910 Members
Stonington #503 F and AM 200 Park Avenue Lodge, Clubs 1910-1926 Members
Stone Hinge Masonry 135 Park Avenue Contractor, Builder 1992-1996 Criss, Ben
Stone Cutters Union Lodge, Clubs Members
Stockard, Eric 182 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1965-1995 Stockard, Eric
Stiwalds 125 Park Avenue Shoes, Boots 1922-1925 Stiwald,
Stevens, Seth 102 Park Avenue Attorney 1936-1948 Stevens, Seth
Stevens, Seth 229 South Main Street Attorney 1948-1975 Stevens, Seth
Stevens Dry Cleaners 278 Church Street Dry Cleaner, Tailor 1947-1948 Stevens,
Steele Brothers, Insurance 102 Park Avenue Insurance 1880-1892 Steele, H. N. and E. F.
Steele & Cornwell Drugs 101 Park Avenue Drug Store 1870-1874 Steele, S.; Cornwell
State Liquor Store 223 Park Avenue Carry Out 1954-1979 Abraham, Thomas
State Liquor Store 201 Church Street Carry Out 1979-1992 Washka, Robert
Starkey, D. W. Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Starkey, D. W.
Standard Oil Company 220 Cleveland Avenue Auto Garage 1918-1939 Weller, Fred
Stan Reicherts Confectionery 249 Church Street Candy, Ice Cream 1946-1955 Reichert, Stanley
Stage Craft 201 Park Avenue Music 1987-1993 Simon, Steve
Stage Craft 162 Park Avenue Music 1993-1994 Simon, Steve
St. Peters Evangelical Church 582 Church Street Church 1891-1996 Congregation
St. Pauls Lutheran Church Franklin Street and West Street Church 1875-1952 Congregation
St. Pauls Lutheran Church Central Drive Church 1952-1996 Congregation
St. Josephs Catholic School 519 Tenney Avenue School 1883-1930 St. Joseph Church
St. Josephs Catholic School 480 Park Avenue School 1930-1993 St. Joseph Church
St. Joseph Cemetery Middle Ridge Road Cemetery 1880-1996 St. Joseph Church
St. Joseph Catholic Society Lodge, Clubs 1871-1916 Members
St. Joseph Catholic Church 519 Tenney Avenue Church 1868-1958 Congregation
St. Joseph Catholic Church 200 Saint Joseph Drive Church 1958-1996 Congregation
St. George Episcopal Church Spring Street Church 1910-? Congregation
Springer and Spiegelberg 262 Spring Street Insurance 1962-1966 Springer, C.J.; Spiegelberg
Sportsmans Barbershop 296 Church Street Barber 1965-1967
Sports Cards Unlimited 239 Church Street Sport Cards 1987-1993 Black, Miland
Sport Shack Rec Parlor 187 Park Avenue Pool Room 1980-1986
Spitzer Brothers Bankers 102 Park Avenue Bank 1874-1880 Spitzer Brothers
Spitzenberg and Company 163 Park Avenue Dry Goods, Clothing 1871-1880 Spitzenberg, C.; Freese, Daniel
Spiegelberg and Schuster 480 Park Avenue Insurance 1964-1965 Spiegelberg; Schuster
Spiegelberg 225 Cleveland Avenue Insurance 1965-1974 Spiegelberg, Dale
Spidell's Appliance 110 Church Street Appliance 1954-1955 Spidell, Wayne
Spidell's Appliance 165 Park Avenue Appliance 1956-1957 Spidell, Wayne
Spidell and Dotson 110 Church Street Appliance 1953-1954 Spidell, W.; Dodson, R.
Specialty Sea Foods 162 Park Avenue Meat Market 1989-1992 Socha, Richard
Sparkle Market State Route 58 Grocery 1970-1996
Sochas 162 Park Avenue Meat Market 1983-1986 Socha, Richard
Socha, Eugene 248 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1960-1983 Socha, Eugene
Snyders Confectionery 249 Church Street Candy, Ice Cream 1940-1946 Snyder, Homer and Clair
Snyder, Thomas 480 Park Avenue Dentist 1961-1964 Snyder, Thomas
Snell, Elsie 238 Church Street Doctor, Physician 1943-1952 Snell, Elsie
Snell, Elsie 1075 Cleveland Avenue Doctor, Physician 1952-1989 Snell, Elsie
Snell, C. H. 238 Church Street Doctor, Physician 1943-1952 Snell, C. H.
Snell, C. H. 1075 Cleveland Avenue Doctor, Physician 1952-1953 Snell, C. H.
Smythe, J. J. 102 Park Avenue Attorney 1964-1984 Smythe, J. J.
Smythe, J. J. 200 Park Avenue Attorney 1958-1964 Smythe, J. J.
Smiths Variety Store 135 Park Avenue Variety 1951-1979 Smith, Karl
Smiths Barbershop 276 South Main Street Barber 1937-1946 Smith, Wesley
Smith, II Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Smith, II
Smith, A. H. 200 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1936-1942 Smith, A. H.
Smith, A. H. 153 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1942-1964 Smith, A. H.
Smith, Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Smith,
Slutzkers 129 - 133 Park Avenue Grocery 1950-1989 Slutzker,
Slacks Barbershop 109 Park Avenue Barber 1946-1969 Slack,
Sissam, David 248 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1988-1995 Sissam, David
Sipple Shoes 220 Cleveland Avenue Shoes, Boots 1880-1893 Sipple, John
Sipple 192 Park Avenue Meat Market 1877-1912 Sipple, H. J.
Shupe Elementary Shupe Avenue School 1959-1996 Town
Shop of Yore 105 Park Avenue Crafts 1975-1977
Shook Shoe Repair 103 Cleveland Avenue Cobbler 1950-1954 Shook, Joseph
Shinrock Elevator and Supply Maple Avenue (merged Frmr) Coal and Building Supply 1860-1967 Shinrock,
Sherman House Hotel
Sharp Shoe Repair 103 Cleveland Avenue Cobbler 1938-1950 Sharp, Henry
Sharons Bridal Shop 176 Park Avenue Clothing 1990-1996 Dixon, Sharon
Schuster 157 Cleveland Avenue Insurance 1965-1994 Schuster, William
Schuler, E. C. 243 Church Street Insurance 1916-1918 Schuler, E. C.
Schuler and Jackson Park Avenue Meat Market 1874-1876 Members
Schroeder, Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Schroeder,
Schroeder Super Gulf Service 249 Park Avenue Auto Garage 1926-1960 Schroeder,
Schoolroom 276 South Main Street School Town
School of Classical Ballet 400 Tenney Avenue Dancing 1988-1989
Schonland Carpet Weaving Carpets 1877-? Schonland,
Schneider Plumbing and Heating 125 Cleveland Avenue Plumbing 1950-1953 Schneider,
Schmauck Butcher Shop 129 Park Avenue Meat Market 1894-1900 Schmauck,
Schmauck Brothers Ford 290 Park Avenue Auto Garage 1915-1920 Schmauck Brothers
Schmauck Brothers Ford 125 Cleveland Avenue Auto Garage 1905-1909 Schmauck Brothers
Schilens Florist 176 Park Avenue Florist 1989-1990 Schilen,
Schieferstein 180 Park Avenue Insurance 1969-1970 Schieferstein,
Schibley Motors 283 Church Street Auto Garage 1929-1938 Schibley,
Schibley Motors 745 Cleveland Avenue Auto Garage 1939-1940 Schibley, E. R.
Schibley Motors 185 Forest Street Auto Garage 1940-1964 Schibley, E. R.
Schenck, Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Schenck,
Schavinskys Cigar Store 1878-? Schavinsky,
Schaeffer, William 238 Church Street Dentist 1916-1928 Schaeffer, William
Schaeffer, William 200 Park Avenue Dentist 1928-1964 Schaeffer, William
Schaeffer, Roy 200 Park Avenue Dentist 1940-1961 Schaeffer, Roy
Schaeffer, Roy 480 Park Avenue Dentist 1961-1964 Schaeffer, Roy
Savings Deposit Bank 102 Park Avenue Bank 1880-1892 Steele, H. N. and E. F.
Sauer, Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1914-1916 Sauer,
Sanford and Clark Blacksmith Sanford; Clark
Sandstone Sewing 186 Park Avenue Dressmaking 1978-1980
Sanders Friendly Corner 400 Tenney Avenue Taxidermy 1969-1976 Sanders, Harry W.
Sanborn, Thomas 215 Church Street Attorney 1980-1996 Sanborn, Thomas
Samuel Roe Coal Coal and Building Supply Roe, Samuel
Sammek Shoppe 109 Park Avenue Crafts 1975-1984 Sammek,
Samaha Candy 165 Park Avenue Candy, Ice Cream 1916-1926 Samaha,
Sam Kassouffs Fruit Stand South Main Street Grocery 1910-1915 Kassouff, Sam
Sam J. Kassouffs 211 South Main Street Candy, Ice Cream 1900-1913 Kassouff, Sam J.
Sam Dellefield Meats 129 Park Avenue Meat Market 1895-1913 Dellefield, Sam
Salon Elegance 151 Park Avenue Beautician 1980-1981
Salon Elegance 239 Church Street Beautician 1981-1985
Salon Elegance 239 Church Street Beautician 1982-1985
Salon Carosel 221 Park Avenue Beautician 1973-1975
Sally Dons 176 Park Avenue Clothing 1950-1989 Mischka, Sally
Salem Church 2 mi North of Amherst Church 1848-1861 Congregation
Sabiers Brothers Candy and Cigars 220 Church Street Cigar Store 1913-1930 Sabiers, George and Jake
Sabiers Brothers 220 Church Street Candy, Ice Cream 1913-1930 Sabiers, George and Jake
Sabiers Brothers 249 Church Street Candy, Ice Cream 1930-1942 Sabiers, George and Jake
Sabiers Brothers 220 Church Street Pool Room 1913-1930 Sabiers, George and Jake
S.O. Bailey Taxi South Amherst Transportation 1912-1918 Bailey, S.O.
S. Porter Lumber Coal and Building Supply 1874-? Porter, S.
S. Porter Tenney Avenue Livery 1880-? Porter, S.
S. N. Barnes Livery 1876-? Barnes, S. N.
S. M. Snodgrass, Brooms Park Avenue Factory, Foundry 1877-? Snodgrass, S. M.
S. H. Steele Hotel 255 South Main Street Hotel 1857-1874 Steele, S. H.
Ruth's Saloon 183 Tenney Avenue Saloon 1910-1918 Ruth, Harry
Rubel, Nathan 215 Church Street Dentist 1930-1939 Rubel, Nathan
Rubel, Nathan 238 Church Street Dentist 1939-1961 Rubel, Nathan
Royal Moving Pictures 134 Park Avenue Movie Theater 1910-1912
Royal Arcanum Lodge, Clubs 1914-1916 Members
Rounds Barbershop 175 Park Avenue Barber 1964-1971 Rounds,
Rossbach and Freese 163 Park Avenue Real Estate 1874-1880 Rossbach; Freese
Rons Barbershop 155 Park Avenue Barber 1956-1996 Mittler, Ronald
Roller Rink 125 Cleveland Avenue Skating Rink 1909-1910 Barber, Joseph & Lillie
Rogers, E. B. 199 Park Avenue Dentist 1896-1916 Rogers, E. B.
Rogers Feed Store 195 Cleveland Avenue Feed 1958-1962 Rogers,
Roe Bakery 242 Church Street Bakery 1895-1912 Roe
Rockwood, Charles 199 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Rockwood, Charles
Robinson Cleaners 221 Church Street Dry Cleaner, Tailor 1948-1965 Robinson,
Ritter the Tailor South Main Street Dry Cleaner, Tailor 1928-? Ritter,
Rini Mischka 133 Park Avenue Meat Market 1935-? Mischka, Rini
Riddle Hardware 263 South Main Street Hardware 1966-1996 Riddle,
Ricks Auto Body 290 Park Avenue Auto Garage 1990-1996 Wolf, Rick
Richard Kelch Tenney Avenue General, Grocery 1874-? Kelch, Richard
Restifo, Nicholas 480 Park Avenue Dentist 1961-1967 Restifo, Nicholas
Restifo, Nicholas 155 Leavitt Road Dentist 1967-1970 Restifo, Nicholas
Restaurant 253 Church Street Restaurant 1880-1908
Reitel Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Reitel
Redmans 232 Park Avenue Saloon 1916-1950 Redman, Paul
Redington, H. G. 201 Park Avenue Attorney 1896-1911 Redington, H.G.
Red Carpet Lounge 193 Park Avenue Saloon 1964-1980 Horvath, Bobby
Reamer General Store 200 Park Avenue General, Grocery 1850-1900 Reamer,
Reamer Dry Goods 200 Park Avenue Dry Goods, Clothing 1896-1901 Reamer, Cosmas A.
Rays IGA 154 Park Avenue Grocery 1954-1967 Grocott, Ray
Ray Haff 101 Park Avenue Real Estate 1975-1990 Haff, Ray