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Amherst Historical Business Database

About the Amherst Historical Business Database

“I have attempted to research all Amherst businesses as far back as possible, using every possible source available. I have searched through city directories, phone books, ads appearing in newspapers and school year books and all the files at the Amherst Historical Society. I have entered all my information into a database by business name, type, address and dates, as accurately as possible. I realize there is much room for errors and omissions in a project like this, but I will make corrections as they are brought to my attention.”

– Fay Van Nuys Ott
November, 19 1994

During 2011, Amherst’s bicentennial year, the Amherst Public Library has tried to continue the job of updating and preserving the work began by Fay Van Nuys Ott and make her work accessible to everyone using the latest technology available. Fay completed the Amherst Historical Business Database in 1996.  We are continually going through and trying to update and maintain this database and welcome, like Fay would, any comments or corrections that are brought to our attention. Questions or comments can be sent to

To search the Business Database, chose the field you would like to search from the pull down menu, enter your search term the box, and press the search button. You can sort the list by any field in ascending or descending order.

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Business NameStreet AddressBusiness TypeYears of OperationProprietor
Rawson Electric Company Phones 280 Church Street Telephone 1878-1900 Rawson,
Rainbow 134 Park Avenue Restaurant 1981-1993 Suta, Tibor and Mary
Railroad Hotel and Restaurant East Street Hotel 1874-?
R.I. Wolcott Harness Maker Harness Maker 1876-? Wolcott, R. I.
R. T. Hathaway 135 Park Avenue Jeweler 1929-1930 Hathaway, R. T.
R. T. Hathaway 239 Church Street Jeweler 1928-1929 Hathaway, R. T.
R. I. Wolcott 103 Cleveland Street Livery 1876-1880 Wolcott, R. I.
Quilters Nook 151 Park Avenue Crafts 1989-1993 Sapienza, Helen
Querubin, Renato 1075 Cleveland Avenue Doctor, Physician 1993-1998 Querubin, Renato
Quarrymen's Supply 223 Church Street General Store 1897-1918 Quarry Workers
Quarrymans Supply Store 199 Cleveland Avenue Dry Goods, Clothing 1896-1918 Quarrymens Association
Quarrymans Supply 220 Cleveland Avenue General, Grocery 1892-1894 Quarrymens Association
Quality Meats Meat Market
Pythian Sisters Lodge, Clubs 1906-1916 Members
Purcell, W. A. 154 Park Avenue Dentist 1914-1924 Purcell, W. A.
Purcell, W. A. 304 Cleveland Avenue Dentist 1924-1938 Purcell, W. A.
Purcell, W. A. 109 Park Avenue Up Dentist 1890-1914
Prucha Sewing Machine 205 South Main Street Hardware 1950-1951 Prucha,
Print Shoppe 151 Park Avenue Printer 1983-1984
Price, Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Price,
Preston and Rahl Lumber Coal and Building Supply 1916-1918 Preston; Rahl
Powers, H. W. 102 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1924-1930 Powers, H. W.
Powers, H. W. 238 Church Street Doctor, Physician 1915-1930 Powers, H. W.
Powers Elementary Washington Avenue School 1956-1996 Town
Powder Puff 170 Park Avenue Beautician 1965-1980
Post Office 223 Church Street Post Office 1874-1890 Schuler, E. C.
Portraits by Alliene 238 Church Street Photography, Art 1972-1973
Poratto 221 Church Street Dentist 1980-1993 Poratto
Police Department Beaver Court City Government 1959-1996 City of Amherst
Police Department 206 South Main Street City Government 1959-1996 City of Amherst
Police Department 247 Park Avenue City Government 1940-1959 City of Amherst
Police Department 206 South Main Street City Government 1884-1940 City of Amherst
Polanskys 129 Park Avenue Meat Market 1945-1947 Polansky, Steve
Pocketts 300 Church Street Saloon 1987-1993 Murray, Jay
Pockettes 300 Church Street Pool Room 1987-1992 Murray, Jay
Plumber 109 Tenney Avenue Plumbing 1913-1922
Plumb Construction Milan Avenue Contractor, Builder 1952-1996 Plumb, Claude
Plato Lodge #203 IOOF 182 Park Avenue Lodge, Clubs 1871-1916 Members
Plato Lodge #203 IOOF 280 Church Street Lodge, Clubs 1852-1871 Members
Plato Livery and Feed 201 Park Avenue Livery 1874-1900 Plato Brothers
Plato Brothers Grocery 202 Park Avenue General, Grocery 1878-1880 Plato Brothers
Plato Brothers 201 Church Street Dry Goods, Clothing 1869-1900 Plato Brothes
Plato and Pippert Haberdashery 201 Park Avenue Millenery 1924-1930 Plato and Pippert
Plato and Dute Clothing 201 Park Avenue Clothing 1904-1924 Plato; Dute, C.
Plato and Bickel Coal 258 Tenney Avenue Coal and Building Supply 1880-1892
Plato 156 Beaver Court Post Office 1855-1866 A. M. Crocker, Post Master
Pizzaria 256 Church Street Restaurant 1963-1964
Pizza Cutters 195 Cleveland Avenue Restaurant 1978-1987
Pioneer or Old Village Cemetery South Amherst Road Cemetery 1830-1996 City of Amherst
Pinecrest Apartments Middle Ridge Road Apartments 1975-1996
Pikey Cab Service 280 Church Street Transportation 1947-1948 Pikey, Paul
Pierce's Barbershop 125 Cleveland Ave Barber 1952-1957 Pierce, Rex
Pierce-Hutton Construction 132 Park Avenue Contractor, Builder 1993-1994 Pierce; Hutton
Photo Art Shop 199 Park Avenue Photography, Art 1915-1916 Plato,
Phillip Sipple 195 Cleveland Avenue Contractor, Builder 1874-? Sipple, Phillip
Perkins Brothers Painter 1878-? Perkins Brothers
Pecora, A. M. 154 Park Avenue Dentist 1969-1992 Pecora, A. M.
PCC Auto Parts 134 Cleveland Avenue Auto Parts 1993-1995
Pauls Sunoco 428 Cleveland Avenue Auto Garage 1967-1996 Hutchinson, Paul and Mike
Parsons Theater 134 Park Avenue Movie Theater 1895-1917 Parson,
Parsons and Young 223 Park Avenue Millenery 1914-1916 Parsons; Young
Parkway Market State Route 58 Grocery 1954-1970
Parkway Car Care 45905 Middle Ridge Road Auto Garage 1975-1996 Schieber, Earl
Parker, G. M. 144 Forest Street Doctor, Physician 1936-1942 Parker, G. M.
Parker, G. M. 199 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1914-1936 Parker, G. M.
Parker, G. M. 238 Church Street Doctor, Physician 1914-1928 Parker, G. M.
Parker, G. M. 109 Park Aveneu Doctor, Physician 1910-1914 Parker, G. M.
Parker, G. M. 101 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1910-1914 Parker, G. M.
Parke Camera 145 Park Avenue Photography, Art 1978-1996 Ruminski, Paul
Park Theater 248 Park Avenue Movie Theater 1900-1910
Park Lanes Bowling 249 Park Avenue Bowling Alley 2011- Present Citro, Diane; Nut, Daniel
Park Lanes 249 Park Avenue Bowling Alley 1960-1996 Super, Jerry
Park Lanes 249 Park Avenue Bowling Alley 1947-1960 Michael, John
Park Avenue Meats 310 Park Avenue Meat Market 1918-1924 Jaeger,
Park Avenue Boutique 175 Park Avenue Florist 1996- Lewis, Debra
P. Newsberry Saloon 235 South Main Street Saloon Newsberry, P.
OToole, Stumphaueser, Thompson 238 Church Street Attorney 1989-1993 OToole, Stumphaueser, Thompson
Ormsby Corners Middle Ridge Road School 1880-1922 Town
Orlandis Barbershop 296 Church Street Barber 1974-1975 Orlandis
Order of Eastern Stars Lodge, Clubs 1909-1916 Members
Oops-Z-Daisy 109 Park Avenue Florist 1992-1993 Mitchell, Jeanne
Onstine Cemetery Cooper Foster Road Cemetery 1823-1980 Onstine Family
One Room School North Ridge Road School 1880-1953 Town
One Room School Milan Avenue School 1880-1925 Town
One Room School Spring Street School 1860-1908 Town
Olde Town Pizza 195 Cleveland Avenue Restaurant 1991-1996 McCarty, Darrell and Denise
Old Town Hall (1st Central) 280 Church Street School 1849-1856 Town
Old Town Hall (1st Central) South Main Street School 1842-1849 Town
Old Stone United Methodist 553 South Main Street Church 1892-1996 Congregation
Ohio Stone Company Cut Stone Quarry 1874-1886
Ohio Fuel Gas 247 Park Avenue Utilities 1927-1956 Ohio Fuel Gas Company
Oehl's Millinery 154 Park Avenue Millenery 1895-1922 Oehl, Mrs. F. C.
Odyssey Rec Parlor 187 Park Avenue Pool Room 1978-1979
Oberlin Cleaners 221 Church Street Dry Cleaner, Tailor 1929-1930
OArmours Hot Dog Heaven 493 Cleveland Avenue Restaurant 1976-1995 OFlanagan, Jack
Oaks, Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Oaks,
O. Winton, Bookbinder Bookstore 1880-? Winton, O.
O. Story Painter 1878-? Story, O.
O. H. Baker Office 135 Park Avenue Furniture, Funeral Home 1930-1944 Baker, O. H.
O. H. Baker 151 Park Avenue Furniture, Funeral Home 1894-1950 Baker, O. H.
North Olmsted Realty 153 Park Avenue Real Estate 1963-1964
North Lake Missionary Baptist 323 North Lake Street Church Congregation
North Amherst Reporter 164 Church Street Newspaper 1880-1892 Clock, Harvey
North Amherst Post Office 239 Church Street Post Office 1893-1901 E.C. Schuler, Post Master
North Amherst Post Office 238 South Main Street Post Office 1872-1893 E.B. Aldrich, Post Master
North Amherst Furniture 223 Church Street Furniture 1892-1897 Schuler, E. C.
North Amherst Bank 102 Park Avenue Bank 1892-1900 Plato, J. E. President
North Amherst Argus 164 Church Street Newspaper 1892-1900 Avery, Fred A.
Nordson Corporation 555 Jackson Street Factory, Foundry 1935-1995 Nord, Walter G.
Nicholl and Miller Company Cut Stone Quarry 1874-1886 Nichol, E.H.; Miller
Newsberry's Park Lunch 223 Park Avenue Restaurant 1928-? Newsberry,
New York Central Railroad Transportation 193?-
Needlecraft Club Lodge, Clubs Members
Nabakowski Plumbing and Heating 129 Milan Avenue Contractor, Builder 1936-1968 Nabakowski, August
Nabakowski Plumbing and Heating 243 Park Avenue Contractor, Builder 1924-1936 Nabakowski, August
N. Mc Guires 173 Tenney Avenue Saloon 1914-1916 McGuire, N.
N. Bryant Stone Quarry Cut Stone Quarry 1874-? Bryant, N.
Mystic Lodge LOTM Lodge, Clubs 1893-? Members
Myrnas Beauty Shop 109 Park Avenue Beautician 1971-1972
Mustache Mug Hair Styling 105 Park Avenue Barber 1996- Rainey, Tom and Sheila
Mustache Mug Hair Styling 105 Park Avenue Barber 1996-
Mulford, Robert 480 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1961-1964 Mulford, Robert
Mulford, Robert 238 Church Street Doctor, Physician 1948-1961 Mulford, Robert
Mulford, Robert 200 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1947-1948 Mulford, Robert
Muck Barber 155 Park Avenue Barber 1945-1947 Muck,
Mrs. Wheeler Church Street, Bryant Bldg Millenery 1880-? Wheeler, Mrs.
Mrs. R. C. Crocker Bakery 231 South Main Street Bakery 1876-1917 Crocker, Mrs. R. C.
Mrs. M. A. Newsberry Millenery 1876-1877 Newsberry, Mrs. M. A.
Mrs. Hulda Egli Music 1914-? Egli, Hulda
Mrs. Hazels Photography, Art 1876-? Hazel, Mrs.
Mrs. G. Morse Millenery 1876-1878 Morse, Mrs. G.
Mrs. E. M. Lauer 155 Park Avenue Millenery 1913-1919 Lauer, Mrs. E. M.
Mrs. C. M. Frederick 132 Park Avenue Millenery 1876-1892 Frederick, Mrs. C. M.
Mrs. Bartlett Millenery 1878-? Bartlett, Mrs.
Mrs. Barney Millenery 1878-? Barney, Mrs.
Mrs. Ann Gordon 113 Milan Avenue Dressmaking 1930-1950 Gordon, Ann
Mr. Frank Blacksmith 1878-? Frank,
Motions Unlimited 195 Cleveland Avenue Dancing 1983-1984
Moss Rose Canning 125 Cleveland Avenue Factory- Foundry 1910-1912
Morris, Leanza, Bernard 162 Park Avenue Attorney 1938-? Morris, Leanza, Bernard
Morris Hatchery 162 Park Avenue Hatchery 1938-1940 Morris,
More, Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 More,
Moore, A. C. Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1851-1875 Moore, A. C.
Montessouri School 400 Tenney Avenue School 1989-1993
Moebius Insurance 239 Church Street Insurance 1945-1947 Moebius, W. E.
Moebius 280 Church Street Insurance 1963-1973 Moebius, W. E.
Moebius 278 Church Street Insurance 1947-1963 Moebius, W. E.
Modern Woodsmen of America Lodge, Clubs 1914-1916 Members
Modern Floor Covering 162 Park Avenue Floor Covering 1952-1956
Miss Rose Fullmer Millenery 1914-1916 Fullmer, Miss Rose