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Amherst Historical Business Database

About the Amherst Historical Business Database

“I have attempted to research all Amherst businesses as far back as possible, using every possible source available. I have searched through city directories, phone books, ads appearing in newspapers and school year books and all the files at the Amherst Historical Society. I have entered all my information into a database by business name, type, address and dates, as accurately as possible. I realize there is much room for errors and omissions in a project like this, but I will make corrections as they are brought to my attention.”

– Fay Van Nuys Ott
November, 19 1994

During 2011, Amherst’s bicentennial year, the Amherst Public Library has tried to continue the job of updating and preserving the work began by Fay Van Nuys Ott and make her work accessible to everyone using the latest technology available. Fay completed the Amherst Historical Business Database in 1996.  We are continually going through and trying to update and maintain this database and welcome, like Fay would, any comments or corrections that are brought to our attention. Questions or comments can be sent to

To search the Business Database, chose the field you would like to search from the pull down menu, enter your search term the box, and press the search button. You can sort the list by any field in ascending or descending order.

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Business NameStreet AddressBusiness TypeYears of OperationProprietor
Mischkas Coal Yard 265 Franklin Avenue Coal and Building Supply 1936-1950 Mischka, Harold
Mischkas Cleaning and Tailoring 174 Park Avenue Dry Cleaner, Tailor 1947-1995 Mischka, Walter "Dooley
Mischkas Cleaning and Tailoring 165 Park Avenue Dry Cleaner, Tailor 1931-1947 Mischka, Walter "Dooley
Mischkas Cleaning and Tailoring 248 Park Avenue Dry Cleaner, Tailor 1928-1931 Mischka, Walter, "Dooley
Mischkas Candy 165 Park Avenue Candy, Ice Cream 1995-1996 Wallace, Dave and Leslie
Mischkas Candy 165 Park Avenue Candy, Ice Cream 1980-1994 Mischka, William "Wally
Mischkas Candy 163 Park Avenue Candy, Ice Cream 1922-1994 Mischka, William "Wally
Mischkas Bike Shop 165 Park Avenue Bicycles 1947-1954 Mischka, William
Mischkas 163 Park Avenue Restaurant 1922-1994 Mischka, William "Wally
Mischkas 174 Park Avenue Restaurant 1918-1922 Mischka, William "Wally
Mischkas 223 Park Avenue Restaurant 1913-1918 Mischka, William "Wally
Mischka Brothers 125 Park Avenue Meat Market 1930-1935 Mischka Brothers
Minors French Grille 134 Park Avenue Restaurant 1940-1941 Minor,
Minors French Grille 223 Park Avenue Restaurant 1935-1939 Minor,
Milo Harris Justice of Peace 1877-? Harris, Milo
Millers Tires and Tubes Auto Garage 1922-? Miller,
Miller's Tires and Tubes 103 Cleveland Avenue Auto Garage 1920-1922 Miller
Miller, William 102 Park Avenue Attorney 1936-1942 Miller, William
Miller, William 199 Park Avenue Attorney 1913-1936 Miller, William
Miller, Bryce 101 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1924-? Miller, Bryce
Miller- Van Dyke 139 Park Avenue Insurance 1975-1983 Miller, Charles; Van Dyke
Miller Painting 504 East Avenue Painter 1918-1921 Miller, C.
Miller Draying and Hauling 353 Seeley Avenue Trucking and Moving 1918-1920 Miller, Arthur
Miller Coal 302 South Main Street Coal and Building Supply 1918-1928 Miller, Jacob
Mildred's Ladies Shop 132 Park Avenue Clothing 1950-1963 Zilch, Mildred
Mildred's Ladies Shop 141 Park Avenue Clothing 1942-1950 Zilch, Mildred
Milan Aveune Lumber 1025 Milan Avenue Coal and Building Supply 1948-1980
Milad New and Used Cars Leavitt Road Auto Garage 1989-1993 Abraham, Milad
Milad New and Used Cars 290 Park Avenue Auto Garage 1973-1989 Abraham, Milad
Milad New and Used Cars 290 Park Avenue Auto Garage 1973-1989 Abraham, Milad
Milad New and Used Cars 283 Church Street Auto Garage 1958-1973 Abraham, Milad
Milad New and Used Cars 269 Church Street Auto Garage 1958-1973 Abraham, Milad
Mike Malley's Saloon 162 Park Avenue Saloon 1895-1914 Malley, Mike
Midwest School of Ballet 135 Park Avenue Dancing 1980-1996
Midwest Runner Shoes 135 Park Avenue Shoes, Boots 1982-1986 Zocchi, John
Middle Ridge Cemetery Middle Ridge Road Cemetery 1828-1996 City of Amherst
Methodist Episcopal 400 Park Avenue Church 1900-1996 Congregation
Methodist Episcopal 201 Park Avenue Church 1836-1900 Congregation
Meske's Music 221 Church Street Music 1957-1965 Meske,
Meske's Music 296 Church Street Music 1956-1957 Meske,
Mertz Dairy Park Avenue Dairy 1941-1942 Mertz,
Merritt, F. E. 199 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1937-1938 Merritt, F. E.
Merritt, F. E. 199 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1924-1937 Merritt, F. E.
Mermaids Tale 201 Church Street Antiques 1992- Present Recknagel, J.; Brown, S.
Mercs Scoreboard 134 Cleveland Avenue Sport Cards 1992-1993
Menz Painting 247 Spring Street Painter 1918-1920 Menz, E.G.
Mears and Kelly General, Grocery 1878- Mears; Kelly
McQueen, A. F. 163 Church Street Doctor, Physician 1936-1963 McQueen, A. F.
McQueen, A. F. 200 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1916-1936 McQueen, A.F.
McGuire Auto Repair 173 Tenney Avenue Auto Garage 1940-1962 McGuire, James
McGhee Bookstore Franklin Avenue Bookstore 1928-1941 McGhee,
Maynard, O. F. Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Maynard, O. F.
Matts 199 Park Avenue Meat Market 1969-1983 Gergal, Matt
Mattey's Dairy Bar 125 Cleveland Ave Ice Cream ?-1951 Mattey
Masonic Lodge 263 South Main Street Lodge, Clubs 1875-1910 Members
Mas Home Restaurant 256 Church Street Restaurant 1947-1956
Mary's Bird World 223 Park Avenue Pets 1982-1996 Couture, Geoge and Mary
Mary's Bird World 175 Park Avenue Pets 1979-1981 Couture, Geoge and Mary
Mary Walker Franklin Avenue Beautician 1940-? Walker, Mary
Mary Lous Bridal Shop 176 Park Avenue Clothing 1987-1989
Mary Jane 253 Church Street Movie Theater 1935-1943 Epstein, Merton; Hull
Mary Edwards 223 South Main Street Beautician 1935-1996 Edwards, Mary and Jennie
Mary Edwards 255 South Main Street Beautician 1931-1935 Edwards, Mary
Martinek, Richard 325 Park Avenue Attorney 1958-1975 Martinek, Richard
Martin Motorcycle 177 Park Avenue Motorcycle 1918-1922 Martin,
Marion L. Steele High Washington Avenue School 1957-1996 Town
Marble Manor 200 Park Avenue Saloon 1970-1980 Conry, Doris
Marble Manor 200 Park Avenue Saloon 1963-1970 Kreger, Rick
Mar-Jean Shop 239 Church Street Clothing 1958-1959
Main Street Amherst 255 Park Avenue Specialty 2003- Present
Maggie Draves 154 Park Avenue Beautician 1931-1953 Draves, Maggie
Maggie Draves 154 Park Avenue Millenery 1927-1950 Draves, Margaret
MacKenzies Variety Store 135 Park Avenue Variety 1944-1951 MacKenzie, J. R.
Mac Kenzies Newspapers 243 Church Street Newspaper 1943-1944 MacKenzie, Frank
M.H. Streator Dry Goods` Dry Goods, Clothing 1870-1880 Streator, M. H.
M. Jackson's Shoes, Boots 1876-? Jackson, M.
M. B. Belden 102 Park Avenue General, Grocery 1857-1880 Belden, M. B.
Lutz, Stanley 182 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1965-1995 Lutz, Stanley
Ludwig Grocery 153 Park Avenue Grocery 1915-1920 Ludwig, John
Louis Moebius 475 Church Street Blacksmith 1916-1940 Moebius, Louis
Lou Bodmanns Saloon 183 Tenney Avenue Saloon 1895-1900 Bodmann, Lou
Lorenzo Crocker Painter 1878-? Crocker, Lorenz
Lorain Telephone, Amherst Exchange 300 Park Avenue Telephone 1973-1982 Lorain Telephone Company
Lorain Telephone 300 Park Avenue Telephone 1926-1973 Lorain Telephone Company
Lorain National 1175 Cleveland Avenue Bank 1961-1996
Lorain County Savings and Trust 160 Cleveland Avenue Bank 1963-1996
Lorain County Savings and Trust 200 Park Avenue Bank 1931-1963
Lorain Auto Parts 125 Cleveland Avenue Auto Parts 1958-1965
Lorain Auto Parts 125 Cleveland Avenue Auto Garage 1958-1965
Lois Fashion Shop 239 Church Street Clothing 1950-?
Logan Gas Company 289 Church Street Utilities 1900-1927 Logan Gas Company
Lockhart, Eric Cooper Foster Road Doctor, Physician 1993-1996 Lockhart, Eric
Lockhart, Eric 1075 Cleveland Avenue Doctor, Physician 1990-1993 Lockhart, Eric
Lindstruth, Kenneth 248 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1963-1989 Lindstruth, Kenneth
Linden Motor Sales 283 Church Street Auto Garage 1940-1950 Linden, George
Lilley, H. Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Lilley, H.
Lighting Wholesale 201 Church Street Electric 1969-1975
Lieb Bus Lines 229 South Main Street Transportation 1940-1941 Lieb, Louie
Leuse, Amherst, OH Doctor, Physician 1830-1875 Leuse,
Lessiter Pharmacy 187 Park Avenue Drug Store 1954-1968 Lessiter,
Leslies Ladies and Mens Wear 186 Park Avenue Clothing 1969-1975 Leslie, Florence
Leslies Antiques 280 Church Street Antiques 1978-1983 Leslie, Henry and Florence
Leo Bahls Grocery and Meat 133 Park Avenue Grocery 1947-1950 Bahl, Leo
Leo Bahl 133 Park Avenue Meat Market 1947-1950 Bahl, Leo
Leland Theatre 200 Park Avenue Movie Theater 1907-1908 Schmauch, William
Leisure Time Hobbies 151 Park Avenue Crafts 1982-1983
Leimbach's Service State Route 58 Auto Garage 1950-1954 Leimbach, Dave
Leimbach Livestock 580 Shupe Avenue Livestock Dealer 1924-1964 Leimbach, Earl
Lehman's Radio Service 420 South Main Street Radio 1938-1945 Lehman, Edward
Lehman's Radio Service 794 Cleveland Street Radio 1924-1938 Lehman, Edward
Lawsons 167 Cleveland Avenue Dairy 1961-1985 Corp.
LaTische Beauty Shop 170 Park Avenue Beautician 1964-1965
Lakeland Security Corporation 303 Church Street Electric 1972-1973
Lake Shore Coach Company Transportation
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Rail Road 683 Franklin Avenue Transportation 1852-1940
Lake Erie Southern Stages Bus 211 South Main Street Transportation 1940-1941
Lake Erie Southern Stages Bus 125 Park Avenue Transportation 1935-1940
Ladies Macabees of World Lodge, Clubs 1893-1916 Members
La Mae Beautyshop 317 Tenney Avenue Beautician 1929-1950
L.J. Henes 367 Park Avenue Florist 1916-1942 Henes, L. J.
L. W. Zimmerman 217 Mill Street Blacksmith 1918-1920 Zimmerman, L. W.
L. Rood General Store 103 Cleveland Avenue General Store 1857-1869 Rood, Luther
L. P. Learsch 133 Park Avenue Grocery 1896-1945 Learsch, Louis P.
L. Hanchett, Cooper (Barrels) Cleveland Avenue Factory, Foundry 1876-1878 Hanchett, L.
L. Gerlachs Corset Shop Clothing 1916-1917 Gerlach, L.
L. C. Bennett Restaurant 1914-? Bennett, L. C.
L and L Chevrolet 269 Church Street Auto Garage 1936-1954 Linde; Leppere
Krogers 154 Park Avenue Grocery 1930-1952 Baird; Hord; Toth, Manager
Kreidowski's Bakery 177 Park Avenue Bakery 1984-1993 Kreidowski, Tim
Kreger-Diedrick 182 Park Avenue Florist 1943-1946 Kreger; Deidrick
Krause's Restaurant 249 Park Avenue Restaurant 1895-1901 Krause,
Kopcha, 199 Park Avenue Doctor, Physician 1938-? Kopcha,
Konevals 177 Park Avenue Shoes, Boots 1952-1965 Koneval, George
Kolenda 280 Church Street Jeweler 1978-1993 Kolenda, Joseph
Kolenda 298 Church Street Jeweler 1954-1978 Kolenda, Joseph
Kobal Second Hand Store 201 Church Street Used Goods Kobal,
Knights of Pythias 182 Park Avenue Lodge, Clubs 1896-1916 Members
Knights of Pythias 263 Park Avenue Lodge, Clubs 1888-1896 Members
Knights of Pythias 151 Park Avenue Lodge, Clubs 1874-1888 Members
Knights of Maccafees KOTM Lodge, Clubs 1893-1916 Members
Knights of Columbus 223 Church Street Lodge, Clubs 1969-1973 Members
Kline's Party Shop 275 South Main Street Carry Out 1945-1953 Kline, Harold
Kline Pharmacy 101 Park Avenue Drug Store 1946-1957 Kline, Max
Kleo Club Lodge, Clubs Members
Kitchens 174 Park Avenue Pool Room 1939-1945 Kitchen, Russ; Corfman, Ezra
Kiddy Shop 239 Church Street Clothing 1950-1952
Kerekes Cafe 232 Park Avenue Saloon 1952-1973 Kerekes, Joe
Kennedy and Smith 238 Church Street Attorney 1964-? Kennedy and Smith
Kendeigh Corners Middle Ridge Road School 1880-1922 Town
Kendeigh Cemetery Quarry Road Cemetery 1863-1996 Kendeigh Family