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Amherst Historical Business Database

About the Amherst Historical Business Database

“I have attempted to research all Amherst businesses as far back as possible, using every possible source available. I have searched through city directories, phone books, ads appearing in newspapers and school year books and all the files at the Amherst Historical Society. I have entered all my information into a database by business name, type, address and dates, as accurately as possible. I realize there is much room for errors and omissions in a project like this, but I will make corrections as they are brought to my attention.”

– Fay Van Nuys Ott
November, 19 1994

During 2011, Amherst’s bicentennial year, the Amherst Public Library has tried to continue the job of updating and preserving the work began by Fay Van Nuys Ott and make her work accessible to everyone using the latest technology available. Fay completed the Amherst Historical Business Database in 1996.  We are continually going through and trying to update and maintain this database and welcome, like Fay would, any comments or corrections that are brought to our attention. Questions or comments can be sent to

To search the Business Database, chose the field you would like to search from the pull down menu, enter your search term the box, and press the search button. You can sort the list by any field in ascending or descending order.

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Business NameStreet AddressBusiness TypeYears of OperationProprietor
Amherst Memorial Studio 180 Jackson Street Monuments 1984-2012 Ethel Miller
Amherst Memorial Studio 180 Jackson Street Monuments 2013- Debra Miller
Amherst Market House #4 General, Grocery 1915-1916
Amherst Manor Westlake Drive Nursing Home 1959-1995 Sprenger, William
Amherst Lumber 700 Mill Street Coal and Building Supply 1915-1964
Amherst Inn 164 Park Avenue Saloon 1970-1996 Flannagan, Tom
Amherst Inn 164 Park Avenue Saloon 1950-1970 Jones, Morrie
Amherst Inn 164 Park Avenue Saloon 1930-1950 Davies, Dave
Amherst IGA Milan Avenue Grocery 1967-1996
Amherst Hotel 255 South Main Street Hotel 1931-1973 Edwards, Henry and Charles and Richard
Amherst Hospital 254 Cleveland Avenue Hospital 1916-1994 City of Amherst
Amherst Home Telephone 280 Church Street Telephone 1900-1926 Town
Amherst Hobby and Crafts 220 Tenney Avenue Crafts 1963-1964
Amherst Hardware 102 Park Avenue Hardware 1963-1996 Kosash, Steve
Amherst Hardware 215 South Main Street Hardware 1938-1995 Finnegan; Kosash
Amherst Hardware 209 South Main Street Hardware 1912-1996 Finnegan; Kosash
Amherst Hardware 104 Park Avenue Hardware 1912-1996 Finnegan; Kosash
Amherst Grocery General, Grocery 1913-1914
Amherst German Bank 200 Park Avenue Bank 1907-1916 Nicholl, E. H., President
Amherst Garage Auto Garage 1914-? Michael, John
Amherst Furniture Company 223 Church Street Furniture 1921-1968 Moebius,
Amherst Free Press 199 Church Street Newspaper 1875-1878 Lewis, F. M and C.H.
Amherst Electric Light and Power 647 Park Avenue Utilities 1944-1947 Town
Amherst Electric Light and Power Gordon Avenue Utilities 1943-? Town
Amherst Electric Light and Power 647 Park Avenue Utilities 1901-1996 Town
Amherst Eagles 103 Milan Avenue Lodge, Clubs 1939-1996 Members
Amherst Eagles 133 Park Avenue Lodge, Clubs 1936-1939 Members
Amherst Eagles 201 Park Avenue Lodge, Clubs 1914-1936 Members
Amherst Eagles 200 Park Avenue Lodge, Clubs 1906-1936 Members
Amherst Dry Cleaners 240 Tenney Avenue Dry Cleaner, Tailor 1950-1994 Lucille Waldecki
Amherst Drug Mart North Leavitt Road Drug Store 1970-1994
Amherst Department Store 129 Park Avenue Dry Goods, Clothing 1928-?
Amherst Dairy 183 Tenney Avenue Dairy 1913-1922
Amherst Cut Stone Company Cut Stone Quarry 1916-?
Amherst Credit Bureau 205 South Main Credit Bureau 1927-1942
Amherst Cold Storage 819 Franklin Avenue Cold Storage Plant 1915-1954
Amherst Cinema 260 Church Street Movie Theater 1995-1996 Appleman, Tom and Tammy
Amherst Cinema 260 Church Street Movie Theater 1959-1993 Mattey, John; Havanas, R.
Amherst Church of Christ 591 Washington Avenue Church Congregation
Amherst Candy Kitchen 175 Park Avenue Candy, Ice Cream 1916-1926 Samaha,
Amherst Bowling 162 Park Avenue Bowling Alley 1916-1937 Cheeseman, Charles
Amherst Bookstore 183 Park Avenue Bookstore 1876-1880 Parker, J. B.
Amherst Barbrshop 175 Park Avenue Barber 1960-1963
Amherst Bakery 136 Park Avenue Bakery 1933-1945 Thomas, Ludwig
Amherst Bakery 242 Church Street Bakery 1912-1933 Thomas, Ludwig
Amherst Auto Service 249 Park Avenue Auto Garage 1917-1942 Michael, John
Amherst Auto Body 46245 Middle Ridge Road Auto Garage 1970-1996
American Specialty 251 Park Avenue Factory, Foundry 1942-1960 Nord, Walter G.
American Legion #118 Middle Ridge Road Lodge, Clubs 1954-1996 Members
American Legion #118 619 Cleveland Avenue Lodge, Clubs 1945-1954 Members
Alpha Athletic Apparel 187 Park Avenue Clothing 1989-1996 Adams, Shelly; Karpinski, David
Allsop, John 255 South Main Dentist 1985-1996 Allsop, John
Allsop, John 132 Park Avenue Dentist 1967-1985 Allsop, John
Allsop, John 238 Church Street Dentist 1964-1967 Allsop, John
Allied Building and Bath 133 Park Avenue Contractor, Builder 1992-1993 Fraley, Jim; Fox, Dave
Allied Building and Bath 109 Park Avenue Contractor, Builder 1990-1992 Fraley, Fox and Grimes
Allied Building and Bath 101 Park Avenue Contractor, Builder 1990-1992 Fraley, Fox and Grimes
All Nations Club 193 Park Avenue Saloon 1982-1983
Alices Art Shop 221 Park Avenue Photography, Art 1978-1990
Alices Art Shop 165 Park Avenue Photography, Art 1975-1978
Alices Art Shop 165 Park Avenue Crafts 1975-1976
Alderman, Warhola, Lougham 238 Church Street Attorney 1989-1993 Alderman; Warhola; Lougham
Albright Terrace Apartments 129 Milan Avenue Apartments 1971-1996 Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority
Albert Robinson 200 Park Avenue Contractor, Builder 1961-? Robinson, Albert
Al's Park Tavern 125 Park Avenue Saloon 1987-1996 Burgdorf, Al
Agudath Achim Jewish Cemetery State Route 113 Cemetery 1942-?
Adonis Style Salon 105 Park Avenue Beautician 1992-1995
Adonis Style Salon 105 Park Avenue Beautician 1992-1995 Sabo, Shelma
Adonis Style Salon 105 Park Avenue Beautician 1978-1992 Mick, Rita
Adam Holl Contractor, Builder 1874-1919 Holl, Adam
Ackermans Ford Service 494 Tenney Avenue Auto Garage 1924-? Ackerman
Ace Interiors 301 Church Street Wallpaper, Paint 1964-1965
Abraham Gulf Station Corner of State Route 58 and State Route 113 Auto Garage 1954-? Abraham, Nick
About Face Salon 278 Church Street Beautician 1987-?
About Face Salon Beautician 1984-1987 Moore, Jan
About Face Salon 201 Park Avenue Beautician 1982-1983 Moore, Jan
A. W. Schnaak Dry Cleaner, Tailor 1916-? Schnaak, A. W.
A. W. Rahl 156 Pearl Street Contractor, Builder 1928- Rahl, A. W.
A. W. Rahl Axtel Street; 156 Pearl Street Real Estate 1918-1928 Rahl, A. W.
A. W. Rahl Axtel Street Contractor, Builder 1918-1928 Rahl, A. W.
A. W. Haas Floor Covering 298 Church Street Floor Covering 1950-1954 Haas, A.W.
A. R. Tolhurst 125 Cleveland Avenue Auto Garage 1914-1928 Tolhurst, A. R.
A. M. Friday Park Avenue Barber 1884 Friday, A. M.
A. J. Wolcott 183 Park Avenue Bookstore 1880-1900 Wolcott, A. J.
A. E. Stiwald Park Avenue Cigar Store 1870-1880 Stiwald, A. E.
A. E. Nicholl Radio Service 109 Cleveland Street Radio 1929-1930 Nicholl, A. E.
A. E. Nicholl Cigar Store 1928-? Nicholl, A. E.
A. Baker Company 176 Park Avenue Clothing 1880-1898 Baker, A.
A. A. Reising 125 Park Avenue Shoes, Boots 1920-? Reising, A. A.
A-Z Corporation; Hobby Shop 294 Church Street Crafts 1961-1962
A and P Tea Company 193 Park Avenue Grocery 1928-1939 Yentzer, Manager
A and P Tea Company 201 Park Avenue Grocery 1939-1963 Yentzer, Manager
A and B Cookie Jar 215 Park Avenue Bakery 1970-1975