Expansion and Renovation Project Updates


It’s the end of the second full month of construction and we’re so excited about the progress! Check out our YouTube channel for video slideshows of the progress as seen from the parking lot and Spring Street.

Parking lot video:https://youtu.be/6ZTDLKmghWc
Spring Street video: https://youtu.be/y3OICDSoUkU


Progress continues on the expansion and renovation project! The temporary walls are completed on the inside, and the foundation is growing on the outside! This week crews have been working, inside and outside, on preparing the outer wall for removal. 


As the second full month of construction begins, the excitement has moved indoors this week! Workers have been building temporary walls on the first and second floors, in preparation for the upcoming removal of the outer wall.


Crews have spent the month of August clearing out the area where the addition will go and pouring the foundations! This week, we also had movers inside the library to move shelves out of the way to make room for the temporary wall. Next week, workers will start putting up the temporary wall! Please note, the first floor public bathrooms will not be available once the temporary wall is in place.
We are learning so much during the process of our expansion and renovation project! This week we all learned that concrete mixers can be controlled by remote! Check out a short clip on our YouTube channel. Can you believe that there’s no one in the driver’s seat in the video? The vehicle is entirely controlled by the man holding the blue control box!


Construction crews have been hard at work at the library this week! Demolition work was started early Monday, removing sidewalks and part of the parking lot to prepare for the addition. Storm sewer work necessitated the intermittent closure of Spring Street during the week and the road is now reopened. Expect things to look a little different outside every time you visit the library! Lots of work left to go!

Check out a video of Monday afternoon demolition highlights on our YouTube channel.


Construction work has begun!

Due to necessary utility work, the sidewalk between the parking lot and the Spring Street entrance may be closed intermittently through next Wednesday (8/4). The Spring Street entrance is open!

The library building will remain open to patrons and our convenient Curbside Pickup service is available. Please call the library at 440-988-4230 with any questions or to place items on hold. You can also log into catalog.amherstpubliclibrary.org to place items on hold. Please note: Curbside Pickup locations may change due to construction needs.


Thank you to everyone who attended or watched the live broadcast of our Groundbreaking Ceremony on July 21! We are all very excited to begin the next chapter of our history and grateful for the support of our incredible community. 

In late June, Vivid Flight Media visited the library for a pre-construction fly-through of the building! This video is the “before” and we’ll have Vivid Flight Media back in the spring for an “after” fly-through, so stay tuned!

View the video in HD on our YouTube channel.


Our parking lot will remain accessible for patrons and staff to park vehicles, but the parking lot entrance to the building and the outdoor book drops will no longer be available beginning Friday, July 16.

Please use the Spring Street entrance and book drop. Books can also be returned inside at the Circulation desk. The building will remain open to the public during our regular business hours!


If you’ve been in the library recently, you may have noticed that we’ve been boxing up books as part of the preparation for our expansion and renovation project. Many books will remain on the shelves throughout the project, but in order to make room for the construction, some books will be moved into storage.

Don’t worry, all of the books that we’ll be putting into storage for the duration of the project will all be back on the shelves come next spring, when the building is completed! In the meantime, if there is a book you would like that isn’t on the shelf, please check with our 2nd floor Reference staff. We may be able to order the book for you!

In case you missed it, our Library Administrator Don Dovala sat down with The Chronicle-Telegram’s Jason Hawk earlier this month to talk about the book storage and to give the latest updates on our expansion and renovation project. Check out the article here.